Puzzle Prize NFT is a P2E puzzle piece collection with multiple ways to win rewards!

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White Puzzle

Low Cost

We wanted to emphasize low cost to allow everyone a chance to get a valuable NFT! With a mint of .02 ETH, we have one of the lowest mints you can find for this quality!

Multiple Ways to Earn

The mechanics behind this project allow people several paths to earn crypto. The prize wheel alone gives multiple paths for people to earn.

In-House Project

All major aspects of this project are in house, meaning when concerns are brought up, they are brought straight to the source.


The main puzzle consists of the pieces that are available at mint. Each piece will have distinct characteristics that will allow them to be unique.

  • Piece Rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary
  • Piece types: Center, Edge, Corner
  • Row: Row number
  • Column: Column number
  • Background color: Various types of background art
  • Pedestal: Various unique pedestals for pieces
Green Puzzle
Orange Puzzle


These prize pieces can only be obtained through a main puzzle piece that is randomly selected for a prize. The prize amount will be attached to the prize puzzle piece, and randomly be selected for one of the amounts listed below. It is listed as the quantity @ the prize value. For example, 100 prizes at .031 ETH.

  • 303 @ .0125 ETH
  • 100 @ .031 ETH
  • 50 @ .07 ETH
  • 25 @ .151 ETH
  • 10 @ .3 ETH
  • 8 @ .75 ETH
  • 2 @ 1 ETH
  • 1 @ 1.5 ETH
  • 1 @ 3 ETH


Holders will have the opportunity to use a free spin on a wheel corresponding to the rarity of their piece. These free spins are allowed to be used every X amount of days.

Yellow Puzzle



Presale will commence February 28th at 6 PM CST. Details on how to enter presale and the limit per person can be found in the discord. Public sale will be set March 1st at 6 PM CST

Prize Announcement

Prizes will be announced after a certain threshold of sales has been hit. Winners will have a special prize puzzle piece given to them. To provide holders with time to claim their reward, they will have 2 weeks to claim their prize via the claim portal.

Charitable Donations

Holders will get to vote on where a portion of secondary sales will be donated to! We believe in giving back to the community so we want to help people the way you guys have helped this project grow!

Prize Wheel

Shortly after the public sale, a prize wheel will allow holders to redeem free spins on a wheel that corresponds to the rarity of their piece to earn an assortment of prizes.

Future Puzzles

We would like to give people a chance to still earn after the first puzzle. Subsequent generational puzzles will follow, that will allow people to obtain a piece.

Who are we?

Creative teams

We are group of friends that wanted to proved a simple low cost NFT to people who are intrigued by the benefits and rewards of the NFT space.


Frequently Asked Questions

Puzzle Prize NFT is on the Ethereum blockchain.
The mint price will be .02 ETH.
Puzzle Prize NFT’s will be availbe for mint directly from our website, then they will be available for view and secondary purchase on OpenSea.
The prize money will be held in the smart contract and can be verified on Etherscan.

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